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New Vision aims to push young creatives to pursue their creative passion full-time.

The New Vision was founded in 2018 by Nick Vizor and Friedrich Stenschke and has now expanded to @nwvsn and Instagram page, The New Vision Podcast, Apparel.

Our overall goal is to help and create a community for those who want to create full-time and turn help them create fulfilling creative contributions to the world.

On this YouTube channel I create tutorial and advice videos for those who want to learn to edit videos. My videos have received 100s of thousands of views and my channel has reached 2,000 Subscribers.

My goal with this channel is to instil the same passion that I have for video editing in others and also publish my own creative works.


A YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people how to edit videos.

Pluto Cruise.png

A music project inspired by dream pop, electronica and boom bap.

In 2019, inspired by acts such as Beach House, Ultraista, Joji and Thom Yorke, I set out to create an album to express the emotional freedom I felt at the time.

The album eventually released in July 2020 titled 'GODSPEED' featuring LowKiy, ArchieTheBaker and
Austin Breston.

My next studio album Mirari will release in December 2021